Rent Reporting

Make your properties more competitive with amenities that help residents build credit.

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Win-win ancillary revenue

Residents build credit with on-time rent payments, and you get a boost to your bottom line.

Encourage on-time payments

Seventy percent of residents are more likely to pay rent on time if their payments are being reported to the credit bureaus.

    No onsite team lift

    Thanks to Entrata’s workflows and integrations, your onsite teams don’t have to manage the service. Residents can self-serve.

      Great for student properties

      Guarantors love it because it helps their applicant build credit without having to open up a credit card account.

        Increase NOI

        Rent Reporting provides you with ancillary revenue while making your properties more attractive to leads and residents.

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        Reward residents for on-time payments

        When it comes time for residents to buy a house or car, they’ll want financial flexibility. Rent Reporting lets their rent payments do more than put a roof over their heads—it gets them ready for their next big financial steps.

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