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2024 Q2 Compliance Update

Texas is one of the latest states to enact their own data protection law. Signed into law in 2023, the law will take effect July 1, 2024, with an additional grace period for applicable businesses to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

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Lia Nichole Smith

Resident Experts with Lia Nichole Smith

In this Resident Expert Series we discuss how multifamily businesses should approach interactions with Gen Z as more and more of them enter the rental pool.

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Resident Experts with Jen Piccotti & Kara Rice

Recently, Entrata hosted Swift Bunny President Jen Picotti and VP of Education Kara Rice as part of our Resident Experts series. The pair discussed trends they’re seeing in the industry gleaned from employee feedback received by their customers.

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Empowering Teams for Success

Entrata recently hosted a webinar featuring experts in training and onboarding in the multifamily industry to discuss the importance of training in creating a culture of growth.

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Setting up Your Accounts Payable Team for Success

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Drive Resident Satisfaction and Revenue - Offer Rent Reporting

One of the biggest problems owners and operators face each day and one that takes up a lot of time and mental energy of site staff is late or delinquent payments. However, when there’s an incentive for paying rent on time, like building credit.

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